Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey
Genre Puzzle -> Pinball
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Date N/A
Publisher Interplay
Date 2001-06-10
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtEmpire Interactive presents the latest installment in its electrifying ball-flipping pinball series, Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey. Promising all the ramp-riding, table-tilting excitement of Pro Pinball: Big Race USA, Fantastic Journey sets its ball-thwacking action against the backdrop of a Jules Verne-style fantasy adventure. Fire your ball bearings to the center of the earth with Professor Steam, flip them 20,000 leagues under the sea, then launch them to the Mysterious Island to prevent the evil General Yugov from taking over the world. More than just an arcade game, Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey is an action-adventure with balls. Where Pro Pinball: Big Race USA was a case of Cannon Ball Run, Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey not only introduces Around the World in 80 Flips, but it improves on its predecessor in every department. The high-resolution table graphics are crisper, cleaner, and more detailed than ever before, featuring five miniadventures and an amazing array of steam-powered contraptions, including a drill, a boat, a submarine, and a balloon. Dolby Surround sound effects and music draw you quickly into the action, while players can choose one of three different viewing angles to come to grips with the table's unique jet bumpers, spinners, magnets, and bonuses. A full-color dot-matrix display dominates the PC version, while breathless multiball functionality can bring up to six balls into play simultaneously. Challenging your gaming skills to the limit, Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey complements its new good looks with the most accurate physics engine ever devised for a pinball game. As a result, the ball movement and flipper animation is now so smooth, detailed, and authentic, you'd swear you were watching the real thing. An Operator's Menu allows players full control of the way the game plays, including five difficulty settings, game stats, and the ability to alter the amount of balls used per game and the number of tilt warnings. Further options offer you the opportunity to adjust the slope of the machine, the flipper strength, and even the age of the table.
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