RC Stunt Copter
Genre Simulation -> Flight
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Date N/A
Publisher Interplay
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtNow anyone with a PlayStation can dive into the hobby of radio-controlled helicopter flying without the enormous financial cost or the risk of crashing as you learn to fly. R/C Stunt Copter, believe it or not, is an absolutely enthralling and entertaining game. Wisely, the game integrates a training mode as a must-play starter course before advancing to the mission-based aerial challenges. However, don't expect to snooze your way through the missions: the dynamic vocal host spouts out plenty of snide and witty remarks to keep gamers on their toes. Also, excellent carnival-like music accompanies each bit of the game, including menu screens, training levels, and various gaming segments. Extremely touchy controls emulate the real thing, while the game provides words of encouragement to help you master dangerous stunts such as loops, rolls, and even inverted flight. With rich gameplay and helpful flying tips, this game achieves the rare feat of teaching while it entertains. A must-own! --Jeff Young Pros: Outstanding presentation makes for a mix of learning and fun Superb physics model and controls give the feeling of really controlling a tiny copter Extremely challenging levels will keep players coming back for more Cons: The concentration required may be too frustrating for younger players
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