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Date N/A
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Retail Box ArtRe-Volt is not your usual racing game. Instead of driving professional racing cars, you command a radio-controlled toy car that you must steer through several precarious real-life settings, such as a neighbourhood or a busy supermarket. This game's strength is its realistic controls, which are designed to replicate the controls of an actual radio-controlled car. While this game does succeed in accurately capturing the feel of the real deal, it is ironic that this realism may also turn off many gamers. If you are easily frustrated with the awkward operation of radio-control toys, then you may not want to spend time building calluses on your thumbs playing Re-Volt. However, true radio-control car fans will enjoy guiding cars such as Dust Mite and Phat Slug through the complex environments and thumb-numbing skill levels found in this game. Best of all, Re-Volt allows you to satisfy your craving to race through several unusual locations--without the fear of losing your car to a tragic accident or to the neighbour's dog! As with many PlayStation games, Re-Volt will be tough to conquer unless you have the optional memory card. Without it, you will have difficulty advancing to the higher skill levels and, ultimately, winning the coveted platinum championship cup! --Sal Barcia Pros: Real-life game environments Realistic control reproduction for radio-controlled cars Cons: Can be as frustrating as radio-controlled toys! Options limited without memory card
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