Resident Evil Survivor
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 12922
Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
Date N/A
Publisher Eidos
Even when you're dead you have no chance to Rest In Peace when you are a resident of Racoon City, the mid-west American town that has been affected by the deadly T-Virus leaving few survivors.You are a young pilot who has managed to crawl from the cockpit of his helicopter, but lost his memory in the crash. Armed with only a gun you have to battle your way through various un-dead to discover your memory and the shocking truth behind Racoon City.Ever since the first Resident Evil on the Playstation this series of adventure-game-cum-classic-horror has been as enjoyable to play as it has been entertaining to watch. Now Eidos release Resident Evil: Survivor, which breaks from the familiar third-person gameplay and engulfs the player in a Quake-style first-person perspective, an experience that echoes elements of The House of The Dead 2.The change in gameplay for Survival makes for a pleasant and refreshing approach to a series that had started to tire. The first three all had similar approaches, but Survivor, though retaining the story and horror, poses a new challenge. Played with ease through the standard control pads, the game can also be played with the G-Con 45 light gun to add extra elements of fun. --Robert Hyde
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