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North America Retail Box ArtYou remember Risk, that classic board game where contestants vie for global domination through military strategy? It's been taken off the kitchen table and ported into your PlayStation, where you can hone your tactics against computer opponents or challenge up to three of your closest enemies. The classic Risk level shows the game as you remember it. The easy-to-use interface will quickly whisk you into the heat of war. Those interested in more challenging gameplay should try the ultimate Risk level, which features weather variables, geographic obstacles, and fortifications. As a general, you'll create alliances with other players, take their armies captive, set booby traps, and employ super troops that fight harder and live longer. No matter your struggle--classic or ultimate--Risk offers you the unique opportunity of crushing your opponents while taking over the world. And though you can't knock all the game pieces over in a frustrated rage if you lose... you can hit the reset button. --Eric Twelker

- Turn-based strategy board game, now for PlayStation
- Build armies and take over neighboring lands
- Play against the computer or with friends
- New game modes, including Blind Risk and Ultimate Risk
- For 1 to 4 players
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