Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 15149
Date N/A
Publisher Psygnosis
Date 2001-01-26
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtRollcage somehow manages to inject new life into a tired old game genre with glistening graphics, outrageous power-ups, and indestructible cars that bounce, but don't break. The game gets its name from the cars that suspend a slim-lined cockpit between four wheels that look like they've been borrowed from a monster truck. The result? Players can flip the cars completely over and continue driving, unscathed. Rollcage's disregard for normal laws of physics means players can drive up rounded tunnel walls, scaling the ceiling at speeds well over 300 mph. But this game is no walk in the park. The uniquely adept computer opponents can quickly usurp your lead, sending you from first place to last. This phenomenon is due mostly to the clever power-ups in the game that are designed to thwart the competition. A time warp token cuts the engine power of your competitors' cars in half, effectively reducing their speed while maintaining yours. The leader missile, when fired, seeks out the current first-place car and explodes on impact, while the wormhole power-up engulfs the car in front of yours with a glowing ring of light and transports it behind your car in a high-tech version of leapfrog. Music from Fatboy Slim, Pascal, and Freestylers adds a bit of fun. All the pieces of Rollcage fit together snugly to form a stylish, blisteringly fast racing game with enough strategy and surprise to keep you playing into the wee hours. --Jeff Young
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