Rugrats Totally Angelica
Genre Kids -> Kids
Today's Rank 14626
Date N/A
Publisher THQ
Date 2005-08-23
Publisher THQ
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn a game made with girls in mind, Rugrats: Totally Angelica stars Angelica Pickles, the loud, bossy older cousin in the Rugrats TV show. At 3 years old, she's able to talk to adults and toddlers while manipulating and terrorizing both. And this game is all about her. You can dress Angelica in beautiful outfits so she can compete in the fashion show, explore the mall with her, and, on the fantasy level, ride with Angela on her magical carousel horse to rescue a trapped Cynthia. If you want to check in on some of the other Rugrats characters, try a few of the included minigames. In Chuckie's Color Match, you'll help Chuckie remember the proper order of his potion's ingredients. In Cynthia's Shuffle Puzzle, you can rearrange the mixed-up puzzle pieces to reveal a picture.
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