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Date 2000-11-17
When Lemmings threw themselves at our mercy on the computer screens all those years ago, it changed the industry. For some reason the idea of saving the little critters was so compelling that anyone who was anyone was staying up in the small hours of the morning to save that extra little fellow.Well the time has come once again. Not with Lemmings however, but with Sheep. That's right, those days of watching One Man and his Dog on a Sunday evening has finally come in handy.Playing one of four characters; Bo Peep, Adam Half Pint, Motley and Shep you must control the sheep around various courses to the pen at the end. Sounds pretty weird so far? Well it gets worst.Apart from the many obstacles like the sheep dip, the trampolines and the corn sharks to avoid, you have four breed of sheep to be content with, all having their very own traits. Choose from Modern Pastrol, Modern Factoral, long wool and Neo Genetics.This game shouldn't work, but like One Man and his Dog it does, and no matter how much you protested to not liking it, you found yourself screaming in outrage when it was taken off television.Sheep follows in the same strange fashion, after all where is the fun in herding sheep into a pen? But once the woolly jumpers have invaded your screen, there is no turning back. With crazy sheep, even crazier obstacles and gameplay that will have you whistling at the screen in a fit of madness, you can't but help to keep on coming back for more. --Stuart Miles
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