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United Kingdom Retail Box ArtCartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny hop from the tube to the PlayStation in this mischief-filled game. You'll have the daunting task of saving South Park from a comet heading straight for South Park. In a bit of humor that is typical of the South Park series, the comet is visible only every 666 years. Defense comes via an arsenal of weapons that includes sniper chickens, cow launchers, snowballs (white and yellow), and Mr. Hanky the Christmas poo, who leaves a trail of you-know-what. Among the enemies, which change with each of the game's five episodes, are loud-mouthed turkeys that pop from the butts of larger turkeys, as well as mutant clones. South Park's five episodes are broken into sublevels and are introduced by familiar characters, such as Chef. Of course, this game is filled with warped and off-color humor. For example, a fart sound denotes toggling between menu choices and a tally for quantity of helpless animals killed. You weren't expecting this game to be politically correct, were you? Drawbacks include the repetitious music and character voices, as well as the slow onscreen movement, which impedes the game's multiplayer capabilities. The simple graphics used in the television show do not translate as effectively into this format. Lastly, the playing area is too expansive and visibility is often limited due to the white-on-white winter setting. --Kasty Thomas Pros: Unique introductory scenes Warped South Park humor Cons: Simplistic graphics Playing area too expansive, often with limited visibility Slow movement response

- Terrorize the good and decent folk of South Park
- Characters and voice talent from the hit TV series
- Use weapons like Terrance and Phillip fart dolls and a top secret cow launcher
- 5 episode levels plus multiplayer mayhem
- For 1 or 2 players
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