Soviet Strike
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
Soviet Strike was the first entry in the popular Strike franchise of overhead perspective helicopter action games to appear on the PlayStation. As with the other titles in this series, gameplay is simple to learn since it is fairly straightforward. Upon receiving your mission objectives, you must proceed to the sprawling mission map where you proceed to blast everything in sight. The game's plot plays out in a series of surprisingly good cutscenes, but as we all know it's the gameplay that counts, and that's where this title unfortunately falls a little flat. Interested in strategy? Forget it. Any planning you make here is a waste of time beyond deciding which enemy to destroy first. This is all about instant gratification. Besides, who needs to think when use of your brainpower will merely distract you from wreaking utter havoc on the landscape? The graphics are decent for a PlayStation game of this vintage, but things slow down a lot when there are too many objects crowding the screen. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Target-rich environment is great for blowing off steam Decent graphics considering the game's age Cons: Too much slowdown when the screen gets crowded Nonstop blastathon gets old in a hurry
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