Speedball 2100
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Date 2000-10-01
North America Retail Box ArtIf you have been playing games for some time, and by some time I mean long enough to actually have a Spectrum or Amiga computer, then the likelihood is that you will remember Speedball 2.Well the classic game from The Bitmap Brothers has spawned a new sibling. Speedball 2100 is not necessarily a completely new game, more of a reworking of an old friend, growing where it needed growing. And to the people that remember the original, Speedball 2, from the first time, your heart will pound with the excitement of the good old days, when crisps were 10p a packet and Wham bars where the best thing ever.Based around a combination of football management sim, a football arcade sim and a beat 'em-up with its main inspiration coming from Real Tennis, this game isn't your average game. Your task is to play, manage and guide your team of players through a futuristic league controlled by large corporations. Along the way, you not only have to beat other teams, but collect money and power-ups to fund newer kit and the ever-expensive transfer fees.Although hard, this game will keep you going for some time as you battle your way through the leagues, knockout cups and championships. Failing that this makes for a great multiplayer game, as you try to build better teams to beat your opponents. Many a sleepless night was lost on the original, and I'm sure the same will be true for Speedball 2100. --Stuart Miles
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