Street Scooters
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 0
Date 2004-05-11
Publisher Activision
Date 2000-09-30
Publisher Nickelodeon
North America Retail Box ArtTrue Crime: Streets of L.A comes to PC loaded with new features including multiplayer. Just like the console versions, you'll play LAPD wild man Nick Kang as he battle the Russian mob and Chinese gangsters. One major change in the PC version is the auto-aiming feature. PC players a get a better challenge with full mouse-controlled targeting. Another PC feature is a beefed-up soundtrack that adds heavy metal, rock, and alternative rock cuts to an already great rap and hip-hop mix. True Crime for PC supports up to four players in five multiplayer modes including street racing and battle master.

- Action adventure game
- Play as an undercover cop trying to avert a gang war between Chinese and Russian gangs
- Open-ended gameplay with branching storyline
- 8 unlockable characters exclusive to this PC version of the game
- Single player and online/LAN multiplayer modes
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