Syphon Filter
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 0
Date 2000-03-24
Publisher S.C.E.E.
Date N/A
The measure of a good game, like a good movie or book, is the emotional and, sometimes, physical response it elicits. Syphon Filter will literally make your pulse race. As counterterrorist special agent Gabe Logan, you must eliminate an evil terrorist determined to unleash a deadly virus in your nation's capital. Syphon Filter features the smoothest, slickest motion capture of any PlayStation game. Gabe seems to come alive as he seamlessly connects acrobatics such as running, crouching, rolling and hanging from pipes. As in a good action film, there's an impressive arsenal of firepower that ranges from stealthy night-vision sniper rifles to high-impact, short-range shotguns. But this game's landmark contribution is its targeting control, which enables Gabe to lock and hold on to a target while freely moving in any direction, eliminating the hassle of adjusting the viewpoint to face his enemies. There are plenty of surprises, but all the goals are evident, and your partner, Lian Xing, keeps things rolling along with radio messages of changing mission objectives. Everything in this game plays smoothly: the story line fits, the action moves at a steady clip, it just works. --Jeff Young Pros: Fluid, stylish animation Useful weaponry and contextual puzzles Excellent level design Cons: Occasional slowdown when many enemies are onscreen at the same time No 2-player mode
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