Genre Action -> Platform
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Date 2000-08-25
Terracon is a kind of brighter, flashier and more futuristic version of the Mario games from Nintendo. There is a good deal of storyline here and it's introduced using good cinematic sequences between each of the missions that you must carry out. The puzzles you must solve to progress get a little more complex as you move up through the levels but never seem to become difficult enough to completely stump you. You start each level being delivered to the planet's surface by your drop-ship. You are treated to a panoramic view of your surroundings with the third person perspective in which you play. Once you start getting energy for you weapons you'll soon realise that a lot of effort has gone into producing colourful and dramatic explosions and effects. With good sound effects and long-term, fun gameplay this makes Terracon a worthy addition to your Playstation collection.--Andi Flower
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