Tetris Plus
Genre Puzzle -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Publisher Jaleco
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtMost attempts to tamper with the basic gameplay of Tetris have fallen flat on their faces, but Tetris Plus is actually a decent take on the timeless classic. You can tackle a basic solo game of Tetris, challenge a friend in two-player mode, or go directly to the best portion of the game: puzzle mode.In puzzle mode, players control blocks as they descend from the top to the bottom of the screen. As they fall, you can spin blocks so that they land next to corresponding colors at the bottom of the screen. Gameplay is just like the original only with a few major twists. The bin that holds the pieces at the bottom of the screen starts out partially filled, while a little professor character climbs on top of the stack. Your job is to clear lines of blocks so that the professor can reach the exit at the bottom of the bin before a spiked ceiling smacks him in the head. Two players can also duke it out in puzzle mode, sending cleared lines to their opponent's bin. This isn't the best version of Tetris we've ever played, but it does still manage to offer a lot of entertainment for its low price. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Several types of play Good two-player mode Cons: Mediocre graphics
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