The Grinch
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
Publisher Konami
Date 2000-12-08
Publisher Konami
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe Grinch is a creature who hates Christmas. He lives with The Whos in Whosville, a race that loves Christmas. In order to ruin the festive season The Grinch creates inventions which helps him spoil any merry activities. However, an explosion has occurred within his cave, casting all his blueprints all over Whosville and in order for him to achieve his Yuletide goal, he get his blueprints back.The Grinch takes all the best aspects of other platform games such as Rayman 2 and Gex--Deep Cover Gecko, and creates something superior to both. With a young target audience in mind, The Grinch is graphically very sharp, with its bright colours promoting the game's adolescent feel.The background music enhances the game's playability with sounds and narrative helping the player understand what The Grinch can do. All the levels are mission-based, where a number of quotas have to be completed in order to advance. While completing these quotas, missing pieces of blueprints can be collected and once all are within your possession, the invention it creates can be made, which can aid you in fulfilling the tasks that have been set.The game is played around four different levels, all filled with hidden items and secret sub-levels. The game takes a third-person perspective, which suits the game well. However, there are some occasions where the camera cannot be moved to show the best view for the task at hand. However, with this minor point aside, The Grinch is an excellent addition to anyone's game collection and will definitely not ruin anyone's Christmas! --Alex Leung
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