The Mummy
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher Konami
Date 2000-12-08
Publisher Konami
North America Retail Box ArtThe first disappointment registered with this based-on-the-film game is that it comes with a promotional trailer for the film's sequel, The Mummy II. From there, one goes into a full-motion video scene directly ported from the movie's footage, which is a cheap ploy to try engaging players in the game's action. The game's poorly defined actors look like mutant clones next to their film-based originators. For those who are unfamiliar with the film, players take on the persona of Rick O'Connell, itinerant foreign legionnaire who travels to Hamanaptra with gorgeous Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan and her sincere but greedy brother, Jonathan; much action ensues. Where The Mummy fails is that it really doesn't extend anything to new heights, and occasionally descends below acceptable levels. Everything in it you've seen dressed up in some other video game. There are pits, ledges, menacing traps, and such, but the game doesn't ever challenge the player too much. Ammo and power-ups are always pretty handy, though they're sometimes stashed in dumb places. If you conserve your ammo, you can usually get out of most tight spots the first time through. One reason for The Mummy's lack of challenge is the auto-aiming system that reduces common aim-and-shoot action to just shoot. The Mummy aspires to Tomb Raider status, but does so with one arm and one leg tied behind its back. If channeled exploration, limited puzzle-solving, carnivorous beetles (again!), and scads and scads of shooting float your boat, then climb in. --Todd Mowatt Pros: Fast-paced action with plenty to do and shoot Cons: Poorly designed character models Uninspired level designs
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