This is Football 2
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2000-11-03
You might expect a game called This is Football to offer the definitive soccer experience but, perhaps not surprisingly, Sony's latest interpretation of the beautiful game, This is Football 2, falls far short of such lofty aspirations, What it does offer, is a well-crafted and enjoyable arcade experience that gives FIFA a run for its money in gameplay but doesn't match the ISS series for depth.The first game in the series was rightly criticised for being too unforgiving with goals, even at the easiest setting, at an absolute premium. TIF 2 is much easier to get into this time around, and you will soon find yourself making some spectacular strikesThere are hundreds of club and international teams to choose from and dozens of league and cup competitions to play from the start with others unlocked as play progresses. (A particular favourite is the Jumpers for Goalposts league with action taking place in the school playground. It's enough to make Ron Manager weep for joy.)Graphically it's a bit rough with all the players looking the same apart from some comedy haircuts but it moves very smoothly (another improvement over the original) and the commentary actually follows the action.The TIF series is a more than adequate alternative to FIFA and it will be interesting to see how the next version performs on the next-gen consoles when the improved graphics may make the game more accessible. Not the best football game on the original PlayStation (that is still ISS Evolution) but still Premiership rather than Nationwide standard. --Michael Bartley
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