Tigger's Honey Hunt
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 0
Date N/A
Publisher New Kid Co
Date 2000-11-17
Publisher Ubisoft
Oh, no! Winnie the Pooh needs more honey for his party, and it's up to kids and Tigger to save the day! Children ages 4 and up will delight in playing Tigger--running, jumping, and bouncing around the 100 Acre Wood in search of Pooh's "most favorite" snack. Along the journey, they'll face many challenges: slippery icy terrain, falling boulders, creepy caves, menacing bees, pesky bats, and more. Mastering three minigames will earn players the "Accordion Leap" and "Tigger-tastic Bounce," which they can use to explore new areas. This fun-filled adventure features nine action-packed levels, three minigames, bonus bounces, surprises, and hidden levels for a "Tiggerific" good time.
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