TOCA World Touring Cars
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2000-08-25
Publisher Codemasters
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtBased over 23 real-time tracks including Silverstone and Hockenheim ring TOCA World Touring Cars follows on from the ever popular TOCA series, but like every sequel the balance between getting it right or wrong is a thin line to drive down. Keep it too much like before and you get gamers complaining that your developers are being lazy. Change it too much and the cries of damaging the format and style we all love are abundant. What Codemasters have managed to do is take a little bit from the past and a little from the future and created a game for the PlayStation that is worthy title for the send off of the console in its present format. With Championship, Free Race, Time Trial and Quick Race, this game has everything you would come to expect from a racing game, yet it is the way in which this are executed that brings TOCA out from all the rest. Graphically TOCA is one of the best racing games on the PlayStation. Imagine, if you will Gran Turismo 2, times that by ten and your starting to get there. Couple this with 14 cars simultaneously on the track racing with you at any one time and you start to get the picture of how involved this game is. Also very strong is the gameplay, with nice little features that will keep you clued in the months to come. The better you do, the more bonus cars you can earn with the game eventually offering a whopping 40 vehicles ranging from a Daimler Chrysler to the Lotus Elise which you can crash to smithereens for TOCA world Touring Cars includes damage detail. Codemasters have managed to produce a game that is a great send off to the PlayStation, one of those driving/racing games that in years gone by we will fondly look back and say "Ahh!" to. --Stuart Miles
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