Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Review

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Graphics: 10
Sound : 10
Gameplay : 10
Multiplayer : 10
Overall : 10
Review by snox
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (C) Activision / Neversoft

Game type : Sports

After playing the first game in this series for 100's of hours I couldn't wait to get my hands on the sequel.
When I booted the game up I was waiting for a huge kick AND I got it. The intro is better than the one from the first game so I immediately felt that this game wouldn't be a disappointment for all of us THPS fans out there.

There is some new things in this game to, like that you can design your own skatepark.
Instead of getting better and having all the tricks from the beginning you now how to buy them with the money you earn while playing your way through the game. Yes it's true you can buy new tricks and there is a lot of specials that are fairly expensive.

Well I started out playing as my favorite skater "Jamie Thomas".
The game so far was fairly good. The menus and and the system was very user friendly, I started with reassign the combination to do my moves (and that's a very nice improvement from the first game).
Now I was ready to play. I got really surprised that it was so much to do in the first level, but it didn't turn out to be very hard. Later on I tried like the most of the people I know to do some "Impossible moves" and I can say it is more difficult to get a 200k score on one line in this game than in the first one, which also is a good improvement so I stopped trying on a score of 50k in one line to move on to the next level.

Now we are talking some hardass things that you need to do.
The first "missions" wasn't at all very hard but when it comes to get all the money thing, well I think I let you people out there to find out your self, don't wanton steal all the excitement from you.

Graphics : 10/10

WOW. I don't think you can except much more in the way of graphic from the Playstation.
I haven't experienced any bugs yet and the light is very nice.

Sound : 10/10

The sound from the Skateboard and the ambient sounds are really realistic.
You can always feel that you are in the skatepark yourself.

Music : 10/10

Are we talking nice music here or what?
There are the same nice mixture of music as in THPS more nice Skatepunk, Rap, and rock.
Featuring bands such as Rage against the machine.

Playability : 10/10

This game anyone can play. And one thing that makes it even better this time is that you self can choose how you wanto make your tricks.
It's easy to play and it's very very fun.

Lastability : 10/10

Can one ever get tired of Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
You just keep doing better and better lines.

Overall : 10/10
If you are into sports buy this game, well even if you hate sports buy it.
This game can be compared to the RPG genres Chrono Cross.