Treasure Planet
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
Publisher S.C.E.E.
Date 2003-02-07
Treasure Planet United Kingdom Retail Box ArtTreasure Planet features the adventures of Jim Hawkins, a spacer from the town of Benbow on the mining planet of Montressor. When Jim discovers a map to the secret Treasure Planet, he and his alien buddy Morph take off in search of "the loot of a thousand worlds." Morph's ability to assume the form of shapes helps Jim battle everything from space pirates to technologically advanced robots, and gets Jim out of some pretty sticky situations. Jim is an amiable young guy running around shooting his way into rooms, caves, and castles with his plasma musket. He has adventures, collects loot, and meets folks, friendly and otherwise, while he's at it. The first level is simple in terms of gameplay and allows the player to quickly get a feel for the controls. Between levels Jim races his high-speed Solar Surfer, and other vehicles, through obstacles against the clock. Later in the game, he takes the helm of a space-bound longboat and pilots a rundown rocket-powered ship. None of this breaks any new ground, but all of it offers fun and varied gameplay. --Mark McDonald Pros: Intuitive controls Levels are a good length Fun vehicles Good maneuverability Con: Not entirely original

- Race a high-speed Solar Surfer, a space-bound longboat, and a rundown rocket-powered ship
- Battle pirates as you speed through obstacles against the clock
- For 1 player
- You are Jim Hawkins in this action-adventure game based on the Disney movie
- Discover the loot of a thousand worlds with your alien sidekick Morph
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Treasure Planet United Kingdom Retail Box Art