Triple Play 2002
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Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtYou'd be hard pressed to find a better-looking baseball game than Triple Play 2002. If only the same could be said for its gameplay. If easy-playing, action-packed ball games spiced with a liberal dosage of the long ball are what you're seeking, this game won't disappoint. Graphically, no one can touch the stunning visuals and attention to detail that EA Sports has given to every ballplayer and stadium. Most players' faces accurately resemble their real-life counterparts (albeit with oversized heads), and they come complete with customized batting stances and perfectly rendered uniform detail. The ballparks themselves come alive in breathtaking beauty as a variety of camera angles put you right on the field and in the seats. But too many inconsistencies and omissions hold this game back from greatness. Most unrealistic is the frequency of home runs and the ease with which you're able to score runs--the novelty wears off pretty fast after swatting long ball after long ball and finding yourself tied 9-9 in the 4th inning. Playing at the rookie, pro, or all-star level does little to stem the outpouring of runs, and does even less to shorten the tedious game pace, perhaps the most unintentionally realistic part of Triple Play 2002. Fielding could use some fine-tuning as well. And when does EA Sports plan to reintroduce injuries to this series? Game modes still feature fully customizable season options and the home run derby, either one-on-one or tournament (up to eight players). But gone from the derby, strangely, is the option to choose from past legendary players and members of the 500-home-run club. Calling the action this year is the two-man announcing team of Bob Costas and Harold Reynolds. Costas thankfully keeps things more low-key than his real-life persona, while Reynolds dishes the sass like a pro ("This isn't an eye test--swing the bat!"). --Larry White Pros: Best visuals of any baseball sim In-game music builds up dramatic moments 8-player home run derby Cons: No injuries Unrealistic gameplay Slow, uncustomizable game pace Player heads are too big for their bodies
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