Twisted Metal 2
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtTwisted Metal 2 is a game fueled by pure testosterone. The basic idea is to use your car and its onboard weapons to destroy all of the other cars in the race, cruising around such backdrops as Los Angeles, Paris, and Antarctica. Think of Spy Hunter meets demolition derby. You can race or choose to fight in tournament mode, where you don't advance until everyone else is destroyed. There are many cars and drivers to choose from, including some favorites like Mr. Grimm, Warthog, and malevolent ice cream clown Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal 1. All have an outrageous arsenal of weapons. This is a must-play for anyone who has experienced road rage and wants to get even--virtually. --Allen Stewart Pros: Wild cars, such as an ice cream truck, motorcycle, bulldozer, Indy car--even a tank Diverse weapons such as missiles, napalm, and ricochet bombs 2-player game adds the joy of trash-talking Cons: No real storyline beyond driving around and blowing things up Complex controls

- Drive to destroy, before your opponents destroy you
- Tournament and race modes
- New driving techniques
- Use a combination of Advance Attacks, special, and standard weapon pick-ups
- For 1 or 2 players
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