Twisted Metal Small Brawl
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In Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, kiddie-size versions of the nihilistic, deranged, and otherwise generally unfriendly automotive psychopaths that star in Sony's Twisted Metal games are now behind the transmitters of tiny radio-controlled cars. How do the childlike doppelgängers of TM favorites Calypso, Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, Outlaw, and others fare in the stripped down, (somewhat) less violent world of miniature automotive combat? Well, the goals remain the same as in other Twisted titles: pick up various power-ups, then smash, bash, and trash other cars in a variety of locales until you are the last car standing. Sadly, however, the action isn't the only thing watered down. Veterans of the series will immediately wonder why the graphics appears to have taken a massive step backward in quality. All of the cars and scenery (parks, kitchen, movie theater, etc.) are incredibly blocky and lack detail. Small Brawl's visuals are much worse than those of even the first TM game. TM veterans will also find the controls are different from the other games in the series, and are not nearly as responsive as they should be. At the same time, the action has been pulled back from its frantic, ferocious edge, and the game's traditional dark and foreboding mood has been lightened to make the game more appealing and accessible to kids. If you enjoy the other Twisted Metal games, Small Brawl offers precious little to get your motor running, as it lacks the intensity or general playability of the motorized mayhem you've come to know and love. Small Brawl is also too drab for anyone over the age of 12 with decent reflexes. However, if you're planning to entertain some younger, would-be metal twisters, it's worth a spin. --Mark Brooks Pros: Softened violence, atmosphere, and challenge make this game more accessible to younger players Kids will like the demolition-derby-style gameplay and silly graphics Cons: Graphics don't match quality of others in the series Poor controls Probably too bland for gamers older than 12
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