Ultimate Fighting Championship
Genre Action -> Fighting
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Date N/A
Date 2001-04-06
Publisher Ubisoft
Ultimate Fighting Championship Ultimate Fighting Championship United Kingdom Retail Box Art"I have conquered the business world, now I must conqueror the physical world, I must become the Ultimate Fighting Machine." If you find yourself saying this on a regular basis, perhaps it's time to leave the rather subdued world o f WWF and head toward something a little tougher, such as Ultimate Fighting Championship. For the un-initialised, Ultimate Fighting Championship is a no-holds-barred fighting game that sees two or more opponents in a wire cage beating each other up any way they choose. Kicking, punching, boxing, wrestling and martial arts are all accepted forms of battle. The gameplay reflects this, and apart from having a number of celebrity fighters from the real sport, allows you to make a hero of your own from scratch with its own fighting style. The gameplay itself is similar to the standard wrestling game, with the only difference being that the matches are a lot shorter. While this game doesn't amount to the best wrestling experience on Dreamcast, it is great fun and hearty fodder for after the pub. If you're looking a way to let out that pent-up aggression, look no further than Ultimate Fighting Championship. -- Stuart Miles
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Ultimate Fighting Championship North America Retail Box Art

Ultimate Fighting Championship United Kingdom Retail Box Art