Um Jammer Lammy
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Date N/A
North America Retail Box ArtRock out with this innovative sequel to the hip-hop rhythm game Parappa the Rapper. This time the action centres around Lammy, a grunge guitar-playing lamb with her own rock band. Lammy is late for her latest performance with Milkcan, the band she fronts with kooky sidekicks Katy Kat and Masan. To get to the gig, Lammy must successfully strum her guitar through seven cartoon levels. Each level contains a unique music video that requires superior guitar-playing skills. Lammy must master multiple styles of music, including heavy metal, pop and punk. Superior musicians will be rewarded with a special remix mode, which adds a special rap by well-known game character Parappa. With unique animation from acclaimed cartoonist Rodney Alan Greenblatt and catchy tunes from Masaya Matsuura, Um Jammer Lammy is one of the most innovative games to ever appear on the PlayStation. --Brett Atwood Pros: Kid-friendly game theme Catchy music High repeat play value Cons: May appeal to only a narrow segment of gamers

- Wacky sequel to Parappa the Rapper features Grunge rocker Lammy
- Rock out over seven levels to get to the gig
- Cool music and cartoony graphics
- High replay value
- For 1 player
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