Urban Chaos
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher Eidos
Hopefully our future won't be as crime-ridden as what's presented in Mucky Foot Productions and Eidos Interactive's Urban Chaos. Should it be, though, let's hope we're protected by officers like D'arci Stern, a tough-as-nails female cop who carries enough weaponry and fighting combos to battle a small army.A dangerous gang, known as the Wildcats, rules most of Union City's dangerous streets. It'll take D'arci and the nimble fingers of an action gamer to liberate Union City and make it safe again for its once-peaceful citizens.Urban Chaos features a series of interconnecting missions filled with various law enforcement-oriented objectives, such as preventing a mugging or robbery, serving a warrant, or even engaging in the good old-fashioned car chase. Multiple solutions to most mission problems provide an excellent amount of replayability--though you're likely to solve most with D'arci's fists or hand-held weaponry. An intuitive control scheme (a game pad works best) helps players perform Urban Chaos's wide range of combat and acrobatic manoeuvres.Urban Chaos's third-person graphics engine renders Union City with abundant detail: pedestrians wander sidewalks, leaves blow in the streets, and cars obey current traffic laws. Full detail requires a top-of-the-line machine; however, you can adjust many elements of the graphics engine to achieve a playable frame rate on the minimum system requirements. --Doug Radcliffe
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