WCW Thunder
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Date N/A
Publisher THQ
Date N/A
Publisher THQ
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtBrace yourselves, wrestling fans. All of your favorite World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and New World Order (nWo) stars are ready to square off in this realistic wrestling game from THQ. Goldberg, Hollywood Hogan, and Sting are among the wrestling heavyweights that you can control in one-on-one matches, 30-man battle royal mode, cage combat, tag teams, and title fights. For hard-core wrestling fanatics, this is a great way to interact with your favorite heroes and hated rivals. Prematch introductions build you up for the main event, while a variety of camera angles helps add to the feel of a real match. Like any fighting game, WCW/nWo Thunderis much more fun in two-player mode, competing against a friend. Although the advanced library of moves includes power slams, back-breakers, pile drivers, and even fighting outside the ring, it's often difficult to manage your wrestler's moves. Average players may prefer to find a wrestling game that is easier to handle, but WCW/nWo Thunder is worth the effort if you want to play with the WCW and nWo teams. --Sal Barcia Pros: Features WCW and nWo wrestling stars Wide variety of match selections Advanced library of moves Cons: Non-wrestling fans may not appreciate the game Difficult to manage your wrestler's moves

- 5 Modes of play
- Includes short FMV ring intros and hilarious rant videos
- For 1 player
- Wrestle with WCW and nWo wrestling stars
- Battle as Nitro, Sting, Hogan and more
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