Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2002-02-08
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Retail Box ArtAnti-gravity racing is back with a vengeance in Wipeout Fusion--cooler looking ships, kick-ass weapons, tracks that defy all logic, multiplayer mayhem and more speed than any ordinary gamer could possibly handle. It's taken ages to arrive on the shelves, but like all top PS2 games the wait has been worth it. Wipeout Fusion controls much better than its predecessors despite the fact that the ships never seem to stop accelerating (cool for hitting ramps when you suddenly start to fly--that's right, fly--round the tracks). The AI of the computer controlled racers is greatly improved, making it much harder to survive. Long-term there are loads of customisation options which will keep you coming back for more. The graphics are some of the best seen for the PS2--the feeling of going round a slightly transparent loop is awesome and the soundtrack (which includes the likes of Future Sound of London and Orbital) just totally blows you away. This is definitely one of this year's must-have PS2 games. --Andrew Jeeves
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