World Rally Championship Arcade
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2002-11-08
Take 14 rally tracks from around the globe, add seven official manufacturer cars, bung in five gameplay modes and the prospect of driving like an armchair McRae and throw it all on a PSone--World Rally Championship 2002 Arcade is here. At a time when next-generation consoles seem to be getting all the attention it's good to see Sony haven't forgotten the granddaddy of modern home gaming, releasing a novel little rally game with enough entertainment value to keep you glued to the TV for hours. So the graphics and sound won't win any awards in these days of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Metal Gear Solid 2, but gameplay is king here in an arcade off-road dash through snow, sand and various rain-lashed locations around the world. Handling is what you'd expect from a rally game and WRC Arcade features plenty of fish-tailing and side-sliding action; the arcade style of the game allows for a number of opponents to appear on the road beside you, providing an extra hazard when trying to negotiate hairpin bends at lunatic speeds. The inclusion of a two-player split-screen mode adds to the entertainment factor, prolonging the life of the game many times over as the challenge of side-swiping your best mate comes into play. --Chris Russell
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