World Scariest Police Chases
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 0
Date N/A
Publisher Activision
Date 2001-06-29
Publisher Activision
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtYou really don't expect much from a game with the title World's Scariest Police Chases but against all the odds this is actually really good. The title of the game refers not to some sort of zombie-themed kart game but an ultra-cheesy American equivalent to the UK's own pretty cheddary Police Camera Action. This may sound like a pretty odd TV programme to make a game out of but cleverly Fox Interactive have turned the whole thing into a clone of Driver 2--except without the clunky, jerky graphics. The bulk of the gameplay involves you chasing bad guys all over a massive city and repeatedly ramming into them until they stop. If you don't feel the public are put into enough danger by your driving alone you can also pull out a variety of weaponry to persuade the felons to mend their evil ways. Although there are only 20 of them all the missions are cleverly designed and there're even a few that don't involve massive amounts of auto destruction--although thankfully most do. So ignore the name and enjoy what's probably going to be one of the PS One's last great driving games. --David Jenkins
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