Antz Extreme Racing Review

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Graphics: 6.0
Sound : 4.0
Gameplay : 6.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.0
Review by Thomas Cap

"More than one bug in this game..."

Racing at 0.75 miles per hour can be quite a challenge - especially if you are really, really small. Quiet a time after the release of the DreamWorks blockbuster "AntZ" Empire Interactive now brings AntZ Extreme Racing a fun racer situated in the world of AntZ featuring 6 characters from the movie and their whacky vehicles.

In case it isn't obvious: if you are a fan of "tune your vehicle" games or absolutely need a realistic damage model in your racing game - no chance here. AntZ Extreme Racing is one of those games designed to entertain you during a short break at work or for a few afternoons at home - and that's about it.

"Watch out, it's a rain drop!"

Since you experience the world of AntZ from the eyes of an insect your point of view is "interesting". Even the smallest rock or even a single blade of grass becomes an obstacle and termites, frogs and little children are deadly enemies. And I won't even start speaking of the terror a rain drop can cause...

The graphical environment is average, but the fair amount of details the developers added to the raceways partly makes up for that. Sound and Music are sadly below average. With only a hand full of music tracks and even less sound effects the in-game sound is boring and after time even gets annoying.

"The meaning of the word frustration"

While the number of raceways is limited to only a handful the fair amount of details and a few "tricks" like racing in reverse direction, with different vehicles or taking another route make racing the same raceways again and again more challenging. Since you have to complete up to 10 challenges with each of the 6 characters this is quiet important.

The game difficulty is quiet easy - don't forget it's for kids as well -, but a few flaws in the controls sometimes make you loose a race cause of a single collision with an obstacle - quiet frustrating. On the other hand the AI sometimes concentrates so much on attacking other AI players with the power ups lying around or collides with the obstacles itself that you can win races with laughable ease. When completing all challenges of a character a new character and sometimes a special feature like special camera views or things like unlimited ammo are unlocked. Only a small motivation if you already spent hours playing the game. I doubt that anyone will continue playing - except for a multiplayer tournament perhaps - after finishing the first time.

AntZ Extreme Racing is a fun racer for killing of your own or your children's time. If you are looking for brilliant new gameplay ideas or a game that can entertain you for months - keep looking..