Armored Core 2
Genre Action -> Action
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Publisher Tommo Inc.
Date 2001-03-23
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtTowering Anime robots, big guns and bucketloads of mindless action are the order of the day for Armoured Core 2, one of the first of the MechaBlasters for the PlayStation 2. The plot, such as it is, has something to do with wars on Mars and evil empires battling for control of the place, but really the plotline fades into utter insignificance as soon as robots start stomping. Armoured Core 2 has all the look and feel of a slick arcade game, the controls are very simple to pick up, there's plenty going on at any given moment and given a little volume the sound will knock you backwards out of your chair--it's THAT kind of game. Graphically, it's robust rather than beautiful, the bots themselves are nicely built with lots of angular good looks and plenty of bright primary colours to suggest loud rather than garish. The beauty of this game, and the point at which departs from raw arcade action, is in the setup of your robot. There are 15 categories of weapon, armour and body parts to choose from all of which can be tweaked to suit individual tastes - it makes for an interesting addition to the game and brings up memories of FASA's MechWarrior series of games--a nice touch. Mission structure is quite comprehensive too with the choice of a single player campaign, arena based combats or one-on-one with a friend - mighty good fun all round. Armoured Core 2 really requires some serious play to get the best from it, the equipment granted the player at the start of the game is weak to say the least and a few good scraps are required to raise the cash for modifications, which will make for a serious blasting session, but if you're prepared to spend the time this is really good fun. --James Gordon
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