Army Men Air Attack 2
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Publisher 3DO
Date 2001-06-08
Publisher 3DO
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtOne of the first Army Men games to appear on the PlayStation2 console is a sequel to what's perhaps the best of the franchise. Army Men: Air Attack 2 blows onto the scene in a blaze of glory, destined for a hallowed spot on your shelf. Yeah, the little green and tan soldiers from our youth are back, but good old Sarge, from most of the games, doesn't lead them. In Air Attack 2 it's Blade the Helicopter pilot large and in charge. His personality is reminiscent of Robert Duvall's deranged Colonel Kilgore from Apocalypse Now, and that adds quite a bit of humour to the destruction... and there is a lot of destruction. Things blow up really well on the PS2 and Air Attack 2 has you piloting all kinds of choppers on all sorts of missions. You've got an Apache, a Cobra, and an Osprey, and Blade's wingmen all have different attacks. Missions range from melting evil tan army men and destroying their supplies to search and rescue work--all in pleasing and well-constructed living room and backyard environments. The graphics and audio are excellent and really take advantage of the PS2's advanced hardware. Plus, it's even more fun with a buddy in split screen mode on the same TV. And for the benefit of those of us who used to stage harrowing scenarios involving real green plastic army men and fireworks, the makers have included a small selection of fireworks into the gameplay. To quote General Plastro, "I love the smell of plastic in the morning!" --Andrew S. Bub
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