Army Men Green Rogue
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
Today's Rank 10144
Date N/A
Publisher 3DO
Date 2001-04-06
Publisher 3DO
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtArmy Men--Green Rogue takes you back to those heady days of childhood when the toy box was thrown open and thousands of badly moulded green and beige-coloured toy soldiers were brought forth to fight the battle of the living room carpet. The Green Rogue of the title is a super-soldier from the Green army, manufactured to take on the might of the opposition Beige army without support or backup. It's a high-powered shoot-em-up based in the third person, allowing the player to see their alter-ego running around a variety of environments turning the opposition to molten plastic with a variety of weapons ranging from machine guns to flamethrowers. The control system takes an interesting slant using the left analogue controller to move the Rogue around and the right hand to direct weapon fire. Initially this feels a little unwieldy but with a little practice it becomes second nature and actually works rather well. Graphics are functional but colourful and there's a real feeling of being a small soldier in a big big world. Green Rogue seems firmly aimed at the younger end of the gaming market, it's very simple to pick up and play and violence levels are very low. More seasoned gamers may be better off looking towards the excellent Timesplitters, Unreal Tournament or Quake III for a little shooting delight as this is a little too gentle for many, but for younger players there's hours of entertainment to be had. --James Gordon
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