Auto Modellista
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
Date 2002-12-06
Publisher Capcom
North America Retail Box ArtThis game is playable online. For a full list of PlayStation 2 online products, click here! Experience the first cell-shaded 3D arcade racing game of its kind on the PS2. Create and customize your own over-the-top racing machine to handle the road like a pro. Or choose from over 60 top-of-the-line

- Race head-to-head: Up to 8 drivers online or 2 offline.
- Revolutionary VJ Feature: Edit your instant replay footage, add screen effects, music or save for later review.
- Easily customizable cars: Tires, brakes, suspension, turbine kit, muffler, transmission and more with hundreds of parts to choose from.
- Sophisticated car physics and opponent car AI along with innovative cell-shaded graphics let you capture the true essence of racing.
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