Backyard Wrestling 2 There Goes the Neighborhood
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Publisher Eidos
Date 2004-11-19
Publisher Eidos
North America Retail Box ArtBackyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood takes you to Small Town America for big-time fighting action! Meet hardcore backyard brawlers, chair swinging backyard babes and blood thirsty professional wrestlers -- as your hometown's yards become battlefields! Cutting-edge soundtrack with the best in Rock, Metal, Punk, Hip Hop

- Enhanced Create-A-Wrestler System for defining the look, wrestling style, accessories and body type of your wrestler
- All-new wrestling system with submission holds, body part specific damage, and a defense system
- Quest For The Belt Mode for deeper gameplay and more replay value
- Enviro-Mental game-play engine delivers improved graphics and damage, plus more in-depth environmental and NPC interaction
- Fight it out online -- Taunt your opponent using the USB Headset and establish yourself in the online ranking system
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