Batman Rise of Sin Tzu
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 23435
Date 2003-10-16
Publisher Ubisoft
Date 2003-11-21
Publisher Ubisoft
Batman Rise of Sin Tzu Batman Rise of Sin Tzu United Kingdom Retail Box ArtBattle the evil forces of Gotham City by yourself or with a friend. Two Players can fight the forces of evil as the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin; or choose to control Nightwing or Batgirl!

- The Rise of Sin Tzu: Sin Tzu makes history as the first Batman character to debut in a videogame. To commemorate this event, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have showcased the talents of renowned comic-book artist Jim Lee as Sin Tzu's creator and character designer.
- Four Infamouse Super Villians: Battle Batman's most infamous enemies including Bane, Clayface and Sacrecrow - each making their first-ever videogame appearance - and the formidable Sin Tzu.
- 2-Player Cooperative Gameplay: Play solo as Batman, or recruit a friend into the battle as Nightwing, Robin, or Batgirl in 2-player cooperative fighting mode.
- 35 Attacks: Topple Sin Tzu's soldiers of crime with over 35 martial-arts moves and crippling combos.
- Gotham City: Wage brutal street battle through the Gotham City Docks, Crime Alley, Arkham Asylum and more.
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Batman Rise of Sin Tzu North America Retail Box Art

Batman Rise of Sin Tzu United Kingdom Retail Box Art