Blood Will Tell
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 19257
Date N/A
Publisher Sega
Date 2005-05-06
Publisher Sega
Blood Will Tell Blood Will Tell United Kingdom Retail Box ArtBlood Will Tell follows the incredible adventure of Hyakkimaru, a samurai haunted by a dark secret. He'll go on a quest to answers the riddles of his past, while fighting to regain his humnaity. Based on the manga series by legendary Japanese artist Osamu Tezuka.

- Fight against more than a hundred demonic beings to regain the samurai's body parts and learn why they turned him into a walking weapon
- Explore and solve puzzles in an immense 3D game world
- Use Hyakkimaru's friend Dororo to help guide him on his quest, while fighting alongside him
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Blood Will Tell North America Retail Box Art

Blood Will Tell United Kingdom Retail Box Art