Bloody Roar 3 Review

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Graphics: 6.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 5.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 5.0
Review by The Mad Nutter
(c) Hudson Soft / Activision

Console owners have always had a wide selection of beat em up games. This of course increases the requirements of a game and not only demands that the gameplay is superb, but that something new is brought into the genre, some little detail (anyone remember how Capcom exploited Street fighter?). Lets face it; it takes one hell of a game to knock the Tekken series from the throne. So can Bloody Roar 3 do it? Read on and find out.

Bloody roar have always been a little different from most beat em ups, mainly due to the fact that the characters can transform themselves into beasts. Among others you’ll find a wolf, rabbit, chameleon and a bat, all in all 12 characters (plus 2 hidden ones). The transformation works by a small energy bar being shown at the bottom called a beast gauge, as time goes by it slowly fills, which attacking can accelerate. At any time when it’s yellow (is blue after a beasts transformation) the character transforms him/herself by pressing the circle button and a number of new moves become available. The amount of energy in the beast gauge determines how long a character can remain in beast mode, each time he/she is hit a bit is lost. Being in beast mode also gives the ability to regain some health energy. As you may have guessed once the beast it reaches zero its back to human form again. Certain moves called “beast dives” turn the character immediately back to human but can also cause a huge amount of damage to the opponent.

The characters and big and well animated, levels background are also quite varied. One minute yore fighting in a sewer, the next you’re on top of a skyscraper. The levels also have different sizes, which can mean minor changes in a fight. Players can be knocked through walls but oddly this only can be done at the very last round. It seems weird when you’ve been smashing an opponent against a wall for a minute, only to find it only takes one smash again another. While the graphics seem nice enough without really looking like they are pushing the ps2 something REALLY should be done about the music. The music in game seems as an endless amount electric guitar solos and believe me it gets VERY annoying to listen to.

What really fails for Bloody roar 3 is a number of things first off the control method; unlike Tekkens’s (two buttons for punching and two for kicking) Bloody roar has just; kick, punch, throw and beastorize, not a lot to work with. The game instead relies on combos, but instead of spending time to learning the often very satisfactory and gruesome combos you’re better of just hitting buttons without any real plan, it almost seem to work better. What kind of gameplay is that? Another the standard CGI movies are nowhere to be found, instead you are given a few pictures and a little text explaining why each have chosen to compete and how it ends for them...interesting, and this is to the same annoying guitar solo always, yes of course I bought a PS2 so I could read text on my TV! Lastly the game has a surprisingly few battle modes; there’s Arcade, VS, Practice and Survival, no more no less. Once you’ve completed with all and unlocked the two hidden characters (without any story in arcade mode) there aren’t much reason to play again, yes you can unlock a number of cheats such as fighting in slow motion or "one hit kill" but not really worth fighting for.

Bloody roar 3 seems quite funny in the start, but after looking a little closer the fun soon fades away. There really aren’t much to the game. Gameplay is thrown out the window, no beautiful CGI movies and no interesting play modes. Hard to recommend unless you want a quick burst of enjoyment (soon followed by gathering dust on a shelf or thrown under a couch).

Beatorizing gives the game some tactics.
Varied characters

No CGI movies
Really bad and annoying music
"Hit any botton" gameplay
Beatorizing and turning into a fluffy bunny...