Britneys Dance Beat
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 16632
Date N/A
Publisher THQ
Date 2002-06-14
Publisher THQ
It's tough to play a game like Britney's Dance Beat and not hear the pitch: "It's like Dancing Stage Euromix, only with all Britney, all the time!" But despite the Britney Spears corporate hydra compelling cynical viewers to look elsewhere, it's nearly impossible not to like this game. Watch Tetris-like arrows fall into place, hitting the keys in quick combinations; the on-screen dancers respond to those instructions, translating them into Britney-inspired dance moves (e.g., the snake-like arm movements featured in her "Slave 4 U" video). Because it's difficult to simultaneously watch the arrows and the dancers, the game provides "Perfect" and "Stylin'" breaks within the auditions and performances. Get the right combos, and you get to sit back and watch Enrique (or any of the other dancers) do his thing. Capitalising on Britney's own combination of aw-shucks charm and urban dance grooves, this well-designed game is heartily recommended for the eight to 12-year-old age range. Even if you don't fall within those parameters, there's enough kitsch to make the game thoroughly enjoyable. For example, the dancers have camo pants and totally ripped abs! The Saturday Night Fever disco floor stops for no one. Who looks more real, television "real-life" Britney Spears or computerized, shadow-self Britney? It's a game that's a conversation starter, and likely to win over all but the most hardhearted. --Jennifer Hauseman
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