CART Fury Championship Racing
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher Midway
Date 2001-09-07
Publisher N/A
Despite its Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) license, Midway's CART Fury Championship Racing is an arcade game through and through. Players looking for a CART simulation will not find it here. Instead, they'll discover an easy-to-play game in which a broad appeal is hindered by several flaws. For every positive aspect of this game, there's a negative one that more than neutralizes it. While the gameplay itself is very straightforward--reminiscent of Midway's Rush and Hydro Thunder series--its menus are quite frustrating. Although the graphics are good, the sound is extremely poor--the music isn't suited for CART and there's a noticeable lack of variety in sound effects. While the game features 15 real-life CART racers and seven actual tracks, the racers behave nothing like their namesakes, and the fictional tracks are uninspired. The artificial intelligence deficiency is the most criminal. The game's AI causes the computer-controlled drivers to behave very predictably, which makes several of your opponents too easy to defeat. The rest of your opponents are just as predictable in their dominance. This makes game sessions either unchallenging or frustrating. The game's numerous faults make it difficult to recommend to serious racing game fans. It does have Midway's trademark user-friendly appeal, making it an interesting choice for casual gamers looking for easy-to-learn fun. --Raymond M. Padilla Pros: Easy for most gamers to pick up and play Fun, arcade-style gameplay Above average graphics Cons: Poor artificial intelligence Long load times Weak sound effects and music

- The first video game for the PlayStation 2 to be officially licensed by Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART)
- Play 15 legendary champion drivers, including Michael Andretti, Christian Fittipaldi and Jimmy Vasser
- Features a fully-licensed soundtrack with music by Outkast and Disturbed
- Race up to 28 cars in 5 different game modes, including simulation, arcade, season, Driving 101 and sub-games
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