Chaos Legion Review

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Graphics: 7.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 5.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.2
Review by Wayne ‘Crawler’ F

Skulking in the shadows of well established scrolling hack 'em ups like Devil May Cry and, um, Devil May Cry 2 comes yet another Capcom offering, this time (apparently) with a twist – the ability to command your own legion (hence the name, one presumes.) to defend or attack for you. Hmm, this is new. New, yes. Any good? Eh, not really...

The story’s fairly nice, I suppose. You play as Sieg Wahrheit, a warrior of some kind, imbued with the power of the dark glyphs to summon your own personal bodyguards, or 'Legions’, who must take on and ultimately defeat his once closest friend and member of the Sephiroth Appreciation Society (Note: I made that last bit up.), Victor Delacroix, who because of an unfortunate death of someone he quite liked, has turned to the dark side, and is now intent on throwing thousands upon thousands of his own armies up against you. Fun fun fun...
This story, as cliché as it may be, is pulled off quite nicely, through the use of FMV and whatnot, and gives the perfect reason for lots of mindless badguy killing, which is basically what this game is all about.


Graphically, I would put this game on par with Devil May Cry 2. Yeah, it’s beautiful, colourful, sharp, and crisp, everything DMC2 was, but the thing that stands out about the graphics is the sheer capability. There can be up to 100 enemies (possibly more, I’m just estimating,) on screen at any one time, and the game suffers no slow-down at all, moving as crisp and as clean as ever. The main character’s motions are fluid and well animated, and he stands out sufficiently well enough from the enemies so that you can always tell just where you are. The enemies, as weird as they look, are also well defined, and well suited to the surroundings, which are beautiful in their own right.


In the audio way of things, everything's... adequate. Music is nothing to run home screaming about. They’re just typical fast techno-ish tracks which kick in whenever there’s action around, which is usually the whole time. The sound effects for the attacks and such are nice, and there’s a particularly satisfying squishing sound whenever you hit an organic type enemy, which just chills the bones...


Skipping an element which I thought games such as Chaos Legion and Devil May Cry would benefit immensely from, IE Multiplayer, we move straight on to....


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This is where the game loses SO many points, it’s unbelievable. Basically it’s as if Capcom spent all their time pumping up the graphics and forgot all about the gameplay.
The basic gameplay involves walking around on rails level design slashing at stuff. Like I said, basic. This, in turn, involves serious bashing of the square button to produce the desired effect of stuff dying. This is the first major failing, since beating up bad guys is just bashing the button and guiding Sieg so that you point in the generally right direction to take out as many bad guys as possible. You have only one combo and limited opportunity to add a couple of extra moves to it. This is why it falls flat on its face to DMC. If there was a little more complexity put into Sieg’s basic attacks, like a few more combos, then the variety would increase and the game wouldn’t become so boring so fast.

Anyway, after you’ve fought off a few dozen bad guys in the most boring manner possible, you’ll build up enough energy in your Soul Meter to allow you to summon your Legion. This ingenious feature is apparently the saviour of the whole game. Actually, no. It’s not. It’s just a way to sit there and watch the game play itself. Summoning one of the many legions (ranging from a trio of swordsmen who encompass you and protect you from harm, through sniping archers who can take out metallic type monsters with ease, and even the ultimate, Thanos, which, um, massacres stuff. ) means you can sit back and let them do all the work, or join in and get yourself and them beaten up. It’s as if you’re rewarded for cheapness. Keeping your distance and letting your legion complete the level is a lot easier than trying to play properly and get engaged in the action.

This is largely due to the insane fluctuations in difficulty. At one point, you can find yourself hacking quite merrily through a bunch of these small, green, spider-like things, and a few seconds later you find yourself swamped by huge metallic monster things with big red lasers, a dozen rolling beasty things which do blanka-style attacks at you, and these big 2 headed behemoth dudes which just whack you until you kneel over and die, which you do quite a lot of. The learning curve is set way off, since you’re never given the proper tools to deal with the stage’s difficulty. For example, were you given a couple more health recovery items, the first couple of stages, where you’ll still be getting to grips with the albeit fairly simple control method would be acceptable. Instead, you’re put up against 40 or so metallic spiders and told to defeat the target, which is usually heavily guarded by the 2 headed things I mentioned earlier.

The 'RPG elements’ that you’re promised are experience points you earn whilst fighting, which can be used to level up your legions, or purchase new or stronger attacks. Unfortunately, this is little more than an afterthought and has little bearing on the game – you’ll still find hard parts hard, whether your legion’s armed to the teeth or not. So the gameplay is not as intuitive or ingenious as we were promised, oh so many months ago.


This game is a shocking disappointment. It could’ve, and rightfully should've, been so much better. Had Devil May Cry never existed, this would've probably became the cream of the crop. But as it is, Devil May Cry DOES exist, and Chaos Legion is a sub-par attempt at adding a new twist, with some nice visuals masking a severe weakness where it mattered, right at the heart of the Gameplay. Perhaps its biggest failing is its simplicity. I know, we often say that games are too complex, and that simplicity is a good thing, but this game goes too far to the other end of the scale, leaving you with a cheap and empty shell of a game, where you bash buttons until the enemies become too hard and you die. Nice concept, poorly executed.