Crash n Burn
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 14006
Date 2004-10-14
Publisher Eidos
Date 2004-12-03
Publisher Eidos
North America Retail Box ArtChoose your car, paint it and personalise it. Build it up with new components, giant spoilers and reinforced fenders. Supercharge it, fill it with nitrous and take it to the back street circuits of Miami, San Francisco, L.A. and New York. You're at the back of the pack, grid position sixteen with fifteen cars ahead of you. Your primary objective is to take first place; your secondary objective is to run everyone else off the road. Crunch them into the barrier, rip, shred and tear sheet metal

- Customize and personalize a garage full of cars with everything from paint schemes, to rims & spoilers, to nitrous and more
- Cause extreme crashes and dodge on-track wreckage as you engage in high speed, high danger driving through the back streets of Miami, San Francisco, LA and New York
- Compete in multiplayer destruction with or against 16 total players online featuring a variety of modes like last-man-standing, bomb tag and more
- Replay the mayhem with multi-angle player-controlled cameras set up throughout the courses
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