Crimson Tears
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 3733
Date 2004-07-21
Publisher Capcom
Date 2004-11-05
Publisher Capcom
North America Retail Box ArtCrimson Tears is futuristic 3D action that mixes a gripping story with suspense. Set in Tokyo in the year 2049, you'll become one of three "biological war weapons" who investigate a strange disaster that has crippled the city. As they piece things together, they'll learn that the answers to their questions lie with a secret groups called ARMA. With its distinctive 3D cel-shaded graphics, fast-paced cutscenes and wild sci-fi storyline, this game will thrill you every step of the way. Automatic dungeon creation system as you explore futuristic Tokyo sewers, subway stations and more -- enemies and items change each time you pass through

- Choose from three different playable characters, all with special abilities and unique moves - one android and two human bio-weapons
- Dynamic martial arts system - collect items that open new moves, then customize your fighting technique
- Use strategy to face different types of enemies, from standard soldiers to walking biological weapons
- Collect items and weapons as you explore dungeons and defeat enemies, increasing your characters' abilities
- Wild weapons, ranging from swords and fighting gloves, to bazookas and flame throwers
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