Crisis Zone
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 3613
Date N/A
Publisher Namco
Date 2004-09-17
North America Retail Box ArtWelcome to Crisis Zone. Blaze through levels using the bundled Namco GUNCON 2, or immerse yourself in double-gun shooting action with an additional GUNCON 2. Enjoy an unprecedented level of interaction with the background: blast books and CDs off store shelves, set racks of clothing on fire, shatter windows and slice through metal. Relive this classic arcade shooter at home, only for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.

- Highly interactive, destructible environments. Target and destroy virtually anythingglass windows and doors, items on store shelves, even racks of clothing.
- Players with dual GUNCON 2s can equip both simultaneously for visceral, two-fisted, Hong Kong cinema-style shooting action.
- Greatly enhanced for at-home play with additional game modes, special unlockables and new weapons and enemies.
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