Dance Factory
Genre Action -> Dancing
Today's Rank 16416
Date 2006-08-29
Publisher Codemasters
Date 2006-09-01
Publisher Codemasters
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtGet ready to groove it to any tune you want because the global dance video game phenomena is about to undergo a revolution. Any music CD, any track - the ultimate dance game that generates dance movies from your own music CDs! Dance Factory delivers every dance mat gamers dream thanks to its unique feature: the game can take any track from any music CD in your entire collection, play it and automatically generate incredible dance routines, played out on-screen for you to groove to on the mat. Superseding previous dance mat games that have had pre-set play lists limited to the licensed tracks on the game disc, Dance Factory will offer infinite variety. With Dance Factory, there is no limit to the tunes you can dance to, since any and every CD in your personal collection can be used with the game to create a series of dance steps. You choose the tunes, Dance Factory creates the moves and the party is what you make it - be it Hip Hop, Rock, Disco, whatever!

- Any Music CD
- Automatically generates incredible dance routines
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