Death by Degrees
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 4222
Date 2005-02-09
Publisher Namco
Date 2005-04-15
North America Retail Box ArtNina Williams is the gorgeous, lightning-fast assassin who made her debut in the Tekken series. In DEATH BY DEGREES, Nina is commissioned to investigate the whereabouts of a stolen high-tech weapon and steps out of the ring on an intense actionadventure all her own. With an innovative 360 degree fighting system and a fluid, acrobatic hand-to-hand combat engine at her disposal, Nina must infiltrate a shadowy underworld and reveal conspiracy on a global scale. Use any means necessaryincluding stealth, espionage, ferocious gunplay and brutal weapon attacksto recover the stolen goods and uncover the truth.

- ESRB Rating: Pending
- Adventure
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