Destruction Derby Arenas
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2004-01-09
North America Retail Box ArtDestruction Derby Arenas marks the PlayStation 2 debut of one of Sony's classic PSone game series. The pile-up is back, folks, and it really is messier than ever. Arenas provides more than a mere renovation of the Destruction Derby template, however: it takes the car-smashing mayhem to a new height--specifically, it takes the action online. Up to 16 players can engage in arena-based carnage of the vehicular type. Mindless fun, granted, but fun nevertheless. The selection of race circuits is geographically and thematically comprehensive, taking in airports, Chinatowns, beach resorts and more. The choice of motors and drivers on offer, too, is healthily broad. And Arenas is one of those titles that satisfies with its unlockable features. There are plenty of rewards here for those who drive well. Whether racing through a championship or competing in an every-car-for-itself American-style demolition derby--online or offline--the focal point of the action in Destruction Derby Arenas is forever that of damage. Which sets Arenas apart from most other driving games, and also gives it a compelling raison d'etre. Thanks to the power of the PS2 hardware, that damage can be pretty impressive; and thanks to the immediate gameplay it's pretty enjoyable too. --Jonti Davies

- 20 Muscle Cars, each with unique drivers, upgrades and handling.
- 18 interactive, and destructible tracks to smash through.
- Two offline and six online game modes, including two-player split screen play offline.
- Unlockable Characters, Vehicles and Levels.
- Fully destructible cars reflect damage through races.
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